A mind map of important quotes from Sailmaker by Alan Spence.
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  1. Yer mammy's dead
    1. Davie tells Alec the bad news.
    2. Ah've just got ma jotters. Weeks notice.
      1. Davie loses job. Point when everything falls apart.
      2. You've been drinkin, ah can smell it
        1. Davie turns to drink to escape from his problems.
        2. Take this line to the bookie
          1. Davie turns to gambling in hope of money.
          2. Right wee religious fanatic these days eh?
            1. Alec begins to show interest in religion.
            2. Just... drifted away from it
              1. Davie tells Alec of what happened with him and religion. Sums up Davie doesn't stick to anything.
              2. It was good to feel good
                1. Alec is talking about religion. Found something that makes him happy.
                2. Did you gamble wi that bursary money?
                  1. Davie's addiction is out of control. They have no food or electricity and he spends Alec's money on gambling
                  2. Cannae burn a hymnbook
                    1. Alec wants to burn it but Davie thinks it is wrong. Shows Alec is only in religion for the facts and security.
                    2. The sun shone on the grey tenemants.
                      1. Shows play is set in poor area
                      2. I cried and a numbness came over me
                        1. Alec is upset over his mum
                        2. And the yacht had a sail of flame.
                          1. The yacht is a symbol of Alec and Davies relationship. Both are willing to accept relationship is the way it is ad they are both willing to move on, and so they burn the yacht.
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