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  1. Worm virus
    1. This goes trough the network to get to other people
      1. It will go through the hard drive and your memory to pass on to other computers.
        1. Its aim is to cause as much damage as possible
        2. Trojan virus
          1. This doesn't inject into your computer
            1. It looks like a real programme
              1. It gives the person access to your computer
                1. It is there to steel things
                2. Malware
                  1. Short for malicious software
                    1. Created to disrupt computer operation, get sensitive information and gain access to private computer systems
                      1. Appears in the form of code or scripts
                        1. It is hostile, intrusive and and annoying software
                        2. Computer misuse act of 1990
                          1. This was created to stop people misusing computers
                            1. The law is there to stop people creating viruses and also hacking other peoples computers
                            2. Fraud
                              1. Fraud can be very complex or simple
                                1. Fraud is sending hoax emails to people to trick them
                                  1. People sometimes pose as other people
                                    1. They use spyware to gather the information
                                    2. Cookies
                                      1. Cookies download onto your computer
                                        1. They track what you have been on and if you have a relevant cookie is there that they can use
                                          1. Sends information back to the site
                                          2. Phishing
                                            1. This is to get peoples information
                                              1. Phishing emails may contain links to websites that are infected with malware.
                                                1. Makes it look like the real thing where it is really a fake
                                                2. Spyware
                                                  1. This is malicious software which is implanted and installed in programes
                                                    1. The collect personal details, they also track what you enter on the internet
                                                      1. This makes it very easy to get your passwords and information
                                                        1. You normally don't know that there on your computer
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