Abstraction and Automation


AS level Computer Science (Abstraction and Automation) Mind Map on Abstraction and Automation, created by Charlie Turner on 20/11/2016.
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Charlie Turner
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Abstraction and Automation
  1. Algorithms
    1. 'Algorithm' comes from the name of a Latin book called 'Algoritmi de numero Indorum'
      1. This means 'Al-Khwarismi on the Hindu Art of Reckoning'
      2. The aim of algorithms is to be as specific as possible
        1. Ambiguity can lead to issues
        2. Must be in a defined sequence as order is important
          1. Use four basic structures
            1. Sequence
              1. Selection
                1. Iteration
                  1. Assignment
                  2. Must terminate
                    1. The AQA definition is 'a sequence of steps that can be followed to complete a task and that always terminates'
                    2. AQA's preferred pseudo-code conventions
                      1. Sequence
                        1. INPUT, OUTPUT, etc.
                        2. Assignments
                          1. x <--- 10
                          2. Selection
                            1. IF, THEN, ELSE, ENDIF
                            2. Iteration
                              1. FOR, ENDFOR, WHILE, ENDWHILE, REPEAT, UNTIL
                            3. Trace tables
                              1. Why use them?
                                1. Makes sure an algorithm will work properly
                                  1. A dry run of a program will help troubleshoot
                                  2. Tracks the values of variables throughout the program
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