wired and wireless networks


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wired and wireless networks
  1. layers
    1. TCP/IP
      1. Application
        1. Network applications operate on this level
        2. Link
          1. Hardware operates on this level
          2. Transport
            1. Links hosts together
            2. Network
              1. Routers operate on this layer
            3. Protocols
              1. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
                1. HTTP is used to access and recieve web pages in the form of Hyper Text Markup Language
                  1. HTTPS is the same yet the data is encrypted
                    1. It is used for bank websites
                  2. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
                    1. Used to send and recieve files to and from a remote server
                    2. POP and IMAP
                      1. POP downloads the entire message to your computer and deletes them from the server
                        1. IMAP will only download the header and will download the rest of the message when opened however it will leave the file on the server
                        2. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
                          1. Protocol used for transferring e-mails between servers
                          2. TCP/IP (see left)
                          3. The Internet
                            1. The Internet is an interconnected web of Wide Area Networks (WAN)
                              1. A WAN is any network that uses third party carriers (eg. Britsh Telecom)
                                1. WANs usually spread over a large geographical area
                                2. To avoid confusion between the 2.5 billion connected devices the internet has adopted a system called the IP address
                                  1. IP addresses act as home addresses for devices
                                  2. Packet Switching
                                    1. A file being sent is divided into 512 byte packets
                                      1. Each packet contains...
                                        1. Destination IP
                                          1. Origin IP
                                            1. Seqence number
                                              1. Number of Packets
                                                1. Error checking data
                                            2. Domain Name Server (DNS)
                                              1. DNS links a URL to an IP address
                                            3. Local Area Networks (LAN)
                                              1. LANs operate on a small geographical area such as a single site
                                                1. LANs can be wired or wireless
                                                  1. All networks allow computers to share files
                                                2. Wireless transmission
                                                  1. Radio waves are used to transfer data wirelessly usually 2.4 Ghz to 5.9Ghz
                                                    1. Network Interface Cards (NICs) are needed to access wireless networks
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