A-Level Physics: Course Overview


A mind map showing all the topics covered in the A Levels Physics Course Credit to: s-cool.co.uk
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A-Level Physics: Course Overview
  1. Electric and Gravitational Fields
    1. Electro-magnetic Waves
      1. Alternating Currents
        1. Atomic Structure
          1. Capacitors
            1. Circular Motion
              1. Current, Charge and Voltage
                1. Deformation of Solids
                  1. Diffraction
                    1. Electric Fields and Forces
                      1. Electric Potential
                        1. Electromagnetic Induction
                          1. Electromagnetic Waves
                            1. Equations of Motion
                              1. Forces
                                1. Forces in Magnetic Fields
                                  1. Gravitational Fields and Forces
                                    1. Gravitational Potential Energy
                                      1. Kinetic Theory
                                        1. Kirchoff's Laws and Potential Dividers
                                          1. Lenz's Law
                                            1. Magnetic Fields
                                              1. Matter and Antimatter
                                                1. Moments, Couples and Equilibrium
                                                  1. Momentum and Impulse
                                                    1. Nuclear Energy
                                                      1. Power and Energy
                                                        1. Power and Internal Energy
                                                          1. Progressive Waves
                                                            1. Quantum Physics
                                                              1. Radioactive Decay Equations
                                                                1. Radioactivity
                                                                  1. Reflection, Refraction and Polarisation
                                                                    1. Resistance
                                                                      1. Simple Harmonic Motion and Damping
                                                                        1. Stress and Strain
                                                                          1. Temperature and Thermal Properties
                                                                            1. Thermodynamics and Ideal Gases
                                                                              1. Transformers and Rectification
                                                                                1. Units, Quantities and Measurements
                                                                                  1. Vectors, Scalars and Linear Motion
                                                                                    1. Wave Particle Duality and Electron Energy Levels
                                                                                      1. Work, Energy and Efficiency
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