Th01L03 Lipids


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Th01L03 Lipids
  1. Properties
    1. Glycerol backbone and fatty acid
      1. Fused via dehydration synthesis
        1. Ester bond
          1. Called a triglyceride
          2. Hydrophobic
            1. Insoluble in water
              1. Soluble in oil and inorganic solvents
            2. Fatty acid
              1. A long hydrocarbon chain
                1. Ampiphatic
                  1. hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions
                    1. Hydrocarbon tail
                      1. Carboxylic head
                    2. Metabolised via beta-oxidation pathway to generate ATP
                      1. Types
                        1. Saturated
                          1. Found in meat and dairy products
                            1. Three straight fatty acid chains
                              1. Contains the maximum number of hydrogens based on carbons
                              2. No double bounds between its carbon atoms
                                1. Examples: Palmitic acid C16:0 • Stearic acid C18:0
                                2. Unsaturated
                                  1. Found in plant oils
                                    1. Maybe mono- or polyunsaturated
                                      1. Contains one or more double bonds between its carbon atoms resulting in non- straight fatty acids
                                      2. Examples • Oleic acid C18:1 • Lionleic acid 18:2
                                  2. Biological functions
                                    1. Long-term storage
                                      1. Adipose tissue
                                        1. Fatty acid tails can be release and broken down into two-carbon units needed for the TCA cycle
                                        2. Phospholipids
                                          1. Glycerol plus 2 fatty acids + phosphate containing group
                                            1. Example of a glycolipid
                                              1. Found in membranes forming phospholipid bilayers
                                                1. Amphipathic
                                                  1. Polar (carboxyl) group, non-polar fatty acid tails
                                                    1. spontaneously form bi-layer in aqueous membrane
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