Legislation Relevant to Computing


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Legislation Relevant to Computing
  1. Data Protection Act
    1. Aim
      1. Respond to the rising concerns about the amount of personal data being stored and processed by computer systems
      2. Mandations
        1. Register with the Information Commissioner for those organisation who store and process personal data
        2. Principles
          1. Personal data must be
            1. processed against loss, theft or corruption
              1. accurate and where relevant kept up to date
                1. adequate,relevant,non excessive
                  1. prevented from being transferred outside EU to countries without adequate provision
                    1. fairly and lawfully processed
                      1. processed within rights of subjects
                        1. deleted when no longer needed
                          1. used only for the purpose intended
                      2. Computer Misuse Act
                        1. Aim
                          1. Combat issues arising from computer misuse
                          2. Offences
                            1. accessing data without permission
                              1. EXAMPLE
                                1. looking at someone else's files
                              2. accessing computer systems without permission
                                1. EXAMPLE
                                  1. hacking
                                2. altering data stored on a computer system without permission
                                  1. EXAMPLE
                                    1. writing a virus that deliberately deletes data
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