To Kill A Mockingbird


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To Kill A Mockingbird
  1. Chapter 1:Narrator (Jean Scout Finch) explains her family ancestry Jem (Jeremy, Scout’s brother) and Scout meet Dill (Charles Baker Harris) Explain about the Radley House Spooky, taken care of Family lived there for a while Closed windows and doors on Sunday “Pecans are poisonous” Family didn’t attend church Family: Father Mother Older son: Nathan Younger Son: Boo/Arthur Myths of the Family: Boo started to associate with the wrong group of boys (Cunninghams) -Like a cult Started doing sketchy things Tricked the sheriff and locked him in a room Boo then stabbed his father in the leg with scissors Nathan moves back and takes care of the hosue when Mr. Radley dies Dill dares Jem to touch the side of the Radley House.
    1. Chapter 2: Dill moves back to Mississippi Scout and Jem begin school Mrs. Caroline is Scout’s teacher Scout gets in trouble for being able to read and write because that was the teachers job. (Calpurnia taught Scout how to to write, Atticus taught her how to read.) Walter Cunningham is a classmate of Scouts that did not bring a lunch and refused to borrow a quarter because of pride. Scout explained to the teacher of what a Cunningham is
      1. “They never take money they can’t pay back” (chapter 2) refers to the cunningham’s walter comes to dinner at the Finch’s talking to Scout Atticus
      2. Chapter 3: Scout beats Walter up for getting her in to trouble While walking home, Jem asks if walter wants to eat dinner with them and he accepts Dinner: Walter puts a lot of molasses on his food Scout criticized Walter for it but Calpurnia scolds her and slaps her They go back to school and Miss Caroline is scared about a bug The bug came from Burris Ewell’s hair Burris only goes to the school for the first day then doesn’t come back He’s considered an “Ewell” They only go the first day of school so they don’t get in trouble with the law. No mother “Paw” father is right continuous” Burris has a temperament Burris got forced to leave and then said some very mean words to the teacher that she started crying Everyone went home from school Atticus is about to read with Scout but she doesn’t want to She compromised with him that they will read on the side but keep it a secret
        1. Chapter 4: Scouts going home from school and noticed foil and gum in the tree of Radley house Took the gum and kept smelling it School ended Went past the Radleys again and they found a ring box with 2 indian pennies. The box was in the same tree where Scout found the gum Dill arrived back to Maycomb Dill says he can smell death from “Radley Place” Sat in a tire and rolled them down, Scout fell out and the tire landed in the Radley yard Jem got the tire Decided to play “Boo Radley” where they imitate the Radleys Atticus caught them mocking the Radleys Scout says she heard a low laughing voice at the time she landed in the yard
          1. Chapter 5: Everyone is still mocking the Radley’s Scout sat with Miss Maudie Atkinson Deal to not jump through flowers the kids could play on her property Scout asks Miss Maudie about Boo Says he’s still alive because they have not carried him out yet Dill and Jem get the idea of writing Boo a note asking him to come out of his house Gets caught by Atticus tells them to stop
            1. “sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of- oh your father”(Chapter 5) talking to Jem and Scout Miss Maudie Referring to Nathan and Mr Radley Some men at their worse aren’t as bad as some men at their best
            2. Chapter 6: Dill and Jem and Scout go for a walk and plan to peak in the Radley’s Went to back of the house, went to the side Saw the shadow in the house of a man wearing a hat Go to the back of the house, see a man with a gun and Jem loses his pants Get back to their house and people said Radley shot at a African American Jem goes out at night and gets his pants back
              1. “Says he got the other barrel waitin’ for the next sound he hears in that patch, an’ next time he won’t aim high be, it a dog, a n*****, or -- Jem Finch”(chapter 6) Miss Stephanie tells the kids Mr Nathan Radley said this telling Scout, Jem and Dill Jem snuck into the Radley’s yard and lost his pants
              2. Chapter 7: School continues again Jem tells Scout that the night he went to go back for the pants, they were folded, hung, and sewed like someone knew he would be coming back for them
                1. Chapter 8: Mrs. Radley died, the kids thought it was Boo but they said it was because of a “natural cause” The children say snow for the first time No school Myths saying that bad children makes the season change. Scout and Jem felt guilty Jem is determined to take all the snow from Mrs. Mauddies yard to make a snowman Jem dug up dirt and then covered it with snow Miss Maudies house caught on fire Someone put a blanket on Scout (Boo) Jem tells everything to Atticus Atticus already knew what happened
                  1. “from now on I’ll never worry about what’ll become of you son, you’ll always have an idea” (chapter 8) Atticus telling Jem first snow in Scout’s life they try to make a snowman Jem can adapt to any situation
                  2. Chapter 9: Scout is at school, someone said that Atticus defends n-- Atticus says he’s a lawyer for Tom Robinson (African American) Scout wonders why he's doing it but Atticus says its because if he didn, then__ Explains family tree (Refer to something else because I’m not typing that right now) During Christmas they went to the dock Scout curses and says she got it from school so then she wouldn’t have to go anymore Got air rifles for Christmas Scout tells Francis about Dill and she wants to marry him Francis kept calling Atticus an “n-- lover” Scout punches Francis Uncle Jack was talking to Atticus and told him not to lie to children because they will find out and will lose the trust, and lose them to racism
                    1. “When a child asks you something, answer him... children are children, but they can spot an evasion quicker than adults and evasion simply muddles ‘em”(chapter 9) Atticus telling uncle Jack Scout asks Jack what a whorelady is and he keeps avoiding the question Around Christmas time at Finch’s Landing
                    2. Chapter 10: Scout saying her father never did things other classmates parents did Sin to kill a mockingbird because they only make music for others to enjoy Something was wrong with Tom Johnson (DOG) Tells phone person to call the others and warn them of the rabid dog Calpurnia knocks on Radley door to warn them Atticus shot the dog Put the dog in the truck Since he was a great shooter as a kid, thats something they found cool about their dad
                      1. “Remember its a sin to kill a mockingbird” (chapter 10) Miss Maudie telling Scout and Jem a mockingbird is a symbol
                        1. “people in their right minds never take pride in their talents”(chapter 10) Miss Maudie telling Jem and Scout they find out their father is a good shot
                        2. Chapter 11: Talked about Mrs. Dubose and per bad personality Said Atticus should have remarried because she didn’t like the way Atticus raised him Says Atticus is no better than an African American Jem took Scout to get a baton and he used it to beat all of Dubs flowers. Had to go apologize every Saturday and fixed them and read to her Mrs. Doubis is a morphine addict and wants to quit. She sets the alarm and when it goes off, she will take a dose of morphine. Over time its less often and less dosage She died eventually
                          1. “I have a feeling Jem’s reading days are numbered” (chapter 11) Atticus telling Mrs Henry Lafayette Dubose, (jem and scout) they are unknowingly helping Mrs Dubose give up morphine
                            1. “According to her views, she died beholden to nothing and nobody”(chapter 11) Atticus to Jem the kids were successful in helping mrs dubose
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