Disney's 12 Principles of Animation


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Emiloly Bringabrolly
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Disney's 12 Principles of Animation
  1. 1. Timing & Spacing
    1. Spacing - speed at object travels between each action
      1. Timing - Amount of time it takes object to go from 1 action to the next.
      2. 2. Squash & Stretch
        1. Results from preservation of volume of shape
          1. Creates feeling of weight - more organic/elastic
          2. 3. Slow in & Slow out
            1. More frames in beginning and end. Object in motion remains in motion
            2. 4. Anticipation
              1. Physical & mental preb before an action
                1. Clues viewer to action that will occur (so it doesn't happen out of nowhere)
                  1. Provides character enough potential force to convey the energy of action.
                  2. 5. Follow through & Overlapping action
                    1. Continues action beyond critical moment
                      1. Momentum built up - energy dispates
                      2. Entire body doesn't al move at the same time. One part of the action starts and the rest will catch up.
                      3. 6. Arcs
                        1. Line of action
                        2. 7. Straight ahead & post to post
                          1. The key frames and inbetweens
                          2. 8. Solid Posing 2D / Personality 3D
                            1. Making sure your characters aren't stiff
                            2. 9. Secondary Action
                              1. Skirts/floppy ears - things that follow body
                              2. 10. Staging
                                1. How frame is set up - Position of characters
                                2. 11. Exaggeration
                                  1. Larger than life
                                  2. 12. Appeal
                                    1. Cute - people like them
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