Software Procurement


GCSE Computer Science (Software) Mind Map on Software Procurement, created by Elizabeth Kelly on 28/04/2016.
Elizabeth Kelly
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Elizabeth Kelly
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Software Procurement
  1. Open Source Software
    1. Advantages
      1. Free
        1. Can modify it
          1. The source code is shown to the public
          2. Can be reliable if lots of people use it
          3. Disadvantages
            1. No guarantee you will get what you want
              1. Not always good quality
                1. Anyone can change its contents
                2. No updates will occur
              2. Proprietory Software
                1. Advantages
                  1. Better quality
                    1. No one can change the info
                    2. There is a support line in any problems
                      1. Updates occur frequently
                      2. Disadvantages
                        1. Costly
                          1. Can't modify anythin on it
                            1. The source code is kept as a trade secret
                        2. Custom written Software
                          1. Advantages
                            1. Always get all the features you want
                              1. There is a support line if you need it
                              2. Disadvantages
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