Functions of Operating Systems


GCSE Computer Science (Software) Mind Map on Functions of Operating Systems, created by Elizabeth Kelly on 26/04/2016.
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Elizabeth Kelly
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Functions of Operating Systems
  1. Multi-tasking / Processing Management
    1. Allowing the user to perform more than one task at any time. Allocating jobs to the processor
    2. Security
      1. Allowing only certain users to certain programs. Use of usernames and passwords. Access levels - certain users are allowed to do certain things. EG. Teacher uses YouTube , Students can't
      2. Memory Management
        1. Managing and allocating memory to programs that need it and free it if no longer needed...put the memory in the RAM or not
        2. User Interface
          1. How the user and computer system interact with each other. How to give commands - usually GUI's (Graphical User Interface)
          2. Peripheral Management
            1. Identifies the peripheral device and connects it to and works with the computer in some way
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