Utility Software


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Utility Software


  • Type of software system that provides extra functions for maintaining a computer system
  • Software - The programs that run on computers. They are stored as sets of instructions that can be given to the processor to carry out. 
  1. Security utilities
    1. Examples
      1. Firewall
        1. Spyware Protection
          1. Antivirus
          2. Keeps your computer safe from hackers and viruses
          3. Maintenance Utilities
            1. Examples
              1. System Cleanup
                1. System Diagnostics
                  1. Automatic Updating
                  2. Performs system diagnostics and gets software updates
                  3. Disk Organisation Utilities
                    1. Examples
                      1. Disk Defragmenter
                        1. File transfer
                          1. Disk Formatting
                          2. Organises your files into folders and keeps disks tidy
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