Functions of an Operating System


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Functions of an Operating System
  1. Manages resources and providing user interface
    1. Manages Peripherals e.g. input and output devices
      1. Manages printing using spooling
        1. Data is stored on hard disc/in memory/stored in a queue
          1. Document is printed when printer is free/in correct order
            1. Manages backing storage
              1. Ensures data is stored and can be retrieved correctly from any disk drive
                1. Creates and maintains filing systems
                  1. FAT
                    1. File Allocation Table
                    2. NFTS
                    3. Organises files in a hierarchical directory structure
                    4. File Compression
                      1. The amount of data is reduced and the file is mad smaller
                        1. Definiton
                          1. The process of making a file size smaller
                          2. Used to save disk space
                          3. Disk defragmentation
                            1. Fragmented files are split up and stored on different parts of the disk
                              1. Will slow down access speed
                                1. Definition
                                  1. the process of files parts being physically rearranged (into the order required for access)
                                    1. Reorganising
                                      1. moving
                                        1. re-ordering
                                    2. Manages Memory (RAM)
                                      1. Ensures that ...
                                        1. programs/data do not corrupt eachother
                                          1. all programs and data including itself is stored in a proper memory location
                                        2. Manages processes
                                          1. Ensures that...
                                            1. different processes can utilise the CPU without interfering and crashing with one another
                                              1. all tasks appear to run simultaneously
                                            2. Manages Security
                                              1. Allows users to..
                                                1. Create and delete user accounts
                                                  1. Logon
                                                    1. Change passwords
                                                  2. Providing a user interface
                                                    1. provides a CLI
                                                      1. Allows users to have more than one window open
                                                        1. provides a GUI
                                                          1. provides users with error/help messages
                                                            1. allows customisation of interface
                                                              1. allows user to switch between tasks
                                                                1. allows access to system setting as hardware
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