Network Topologies


GCSE Computer Science (Networks) Mind Map on Network Topologies, created by Leann McLeod on 05/04/2016.
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Leann McLeod
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Network Topologies
  1. Bus
    1. Pros
      1. Cost - effective
        1. Less cabling required
        2. Quick to set up
          1. Easy to implement and
          2. Cons
            1. Difficult to troubleshoot
              1. Performance degrade as additions computers are added
                1. If there is a problem with the connection, the entire network goes down
                  1. Low security
                    1. Data collisions are more likely
                      1. Proper termination is required
                    2. Star
                      1. Special Hardware Involved
                        1. Hub
                        2. Pros
                          1. Fast network speed
                            1. Easy to set up
                              1. Possible to add more computer systems without taking the network down
                                1. Any non-centralised failure will have very little effect on the network
                                  1. Minimal network collisions
                                    1. Better security
                                    2. Cons
                                      1. Expensive to install
                                        1. Extra hardware to install
                                      2. Ring
                                        1. Pros
                                          1. Data is quickly transferred without a bottleneck
                                            1. Consistent transfer speeeds
                                              1. Transmission of data is simple
                                                1. Adding additional nodes has very little impact on the bandwith
                                                  1. Prevents network collisions
                                                  2. Cons
                                                    1. Difficult to troubleshoot
                                                      1. To add another node, the network must be shut down temporarily
                                                        1. If any of the CS's fail, the ring is broken and data cannot be transferred efficiently
                                                          1. If there is a problem with the connection, the entire network goes down
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