The Internet and Communications


GCSE Computer Science (The Internet and Communications) Mind Map on The Internet and Communications, created by Leann McLeod on 17/03/2016.
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The Internet and Communications
  1. Common File Standards
    1. MP3
      1. stores compressed audio
        1. uses lossy compression
          1. quick download speeds
            1. maintain reasonable quality
            2. .JPG
              1. Stores compressed images
                1. uses lossy compression
                  1. uses lossy compression
                    1. reasonably good quality
                    2. .PNG
                      1. uses lossless compression
                        1. excellent picture quality
                        2. .FLA
                          1. stored flash multimedia
                            1. interactive games
                              1. videos
                                1. music
                              2. HTML
                                1. used for making webpages
                              3. Compression
                                1. Lossless Compression
                                  1. Pros
                                    1. There is no loss of detail
                                      1. The file size is smaller
                                      2. How does it work
                                        1. uses an algorithm
                                          1. replaces a common string with a token
                                        2. Lossy compression
                                          1. Pros
                                            1. the file size is smaller
                                            2. Cons
                                              1. Data is lost
                                                1. The quality is worse
                                                2. How does it work
                                                  1. it discards some of the data
                                              2. The Internet
                                                1. Necessary Hardware
                                                  1. Modem
                                                    1. allows computer systems to communicate over analogue systems
                                                      1. analogue systems e.g. telephone network
                                                    2. Broadband Modems
                                                      1. Allows for faster data transfer
                                                        1. can make telephone calls over the same line at the same time
                                                        2. Media Converter
                                                          1. connect to the internet using fibre optic cables
                                                      2. Routing
                                                        1. Definition
                                                          1. the method of selecting paths along which packets are sent on a computer network
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