Key Microbiological Milestones


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Key Microbiological Milestones
  1. First Microscope
    1. Created by Anthony van Leeuwenhoek in 1676
      1. Was Monocular, could magnify specimens up to 50 times
      2. Spontaneous Generation
        1. The belief that living organisms could develop from non-living matter
          1. Challenged by Redi
            1. Placed meat into 3 different jars
              1. Completely Covered
                1. Nothing Formed
                2. Left Open
                  1. Flies flew in and laied eggs on the meat
                  2. Covered with a gauze
                    1. Maggots came to the gauze
                      1. Was concluded that air is critical, it had a 'life force'
                  3. Furthered by Louis Pasteur
                    1. Used a series of handmade flasks
                      1. Positive Control
                        1. Left Open
                          1. Contamination occured
                        2. Negative Control
                          1. Sealed completey
                            1. No contamination
                          2. Test Flask
                            1. Was left open BUT was Swan-necked
                              1. Stayed fresh as microbes got trapped in the swan-neck
                    2. Pioneers
                      1. Edward Jenner
                        1. Smallpox
                          1. Cowpox had similar anti-bodies so being exposed to Cowpox made you become immune
                        2. Joseph Lister
                          1. Introduced anaesthesia and asepsis
                            1. Asepsis is working without infection
                            2. Antiseptic Surgery
                              1. Created the Carbolic Acid Spray
                                1. By product of the coal industry, was very irritating and corrosive
                            3. Robert Koch
                              1. Identified Anthrax disease cycle
                                1. Used in biowarfare
                                2. Identified organisms that cause tuberculosis
                                  1. Formulated the "Koch's Postulates"
                                    1. Describes a set of basic procedures used to show that a specific micro-organism causes a particular disease
                                      1. Links the cause and effect of a disease and emphasises the importance of the lab cultures
                                  2. Alexander Fleming
                                    1. Penicillin
                                    2. Jonas Salk
                                      1. Polio Vaccine
                                      2. Watson and Crick
                                        1. Structure of DNA
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