All Blues Miles Davis


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All Blues Miles Davis
    1. Sextet
      1. Trumpet (Miles Davis)
        1. Harmon mute for Head
        2. Alto Sax (Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley)
          1. Tenor Sax (John Coltrane)
            1. Piano (Bill Evans)
              1. Tremolo at start. Comping accompanying with chords and short melodies
              2. Bass (Paul Chambers)
                1. played PIZZICATO
                2. Drums (Jimmy Cobb)
                  1. played with wire brushes at start
                3. Frontline - main melody instruments
                  1. Rhythm Section - piano, bass, drums provide harmonic/rhythmic backing
                  2. METRE
                    1. 6/4
                    2. TEMPO
                      1. Jazz Waltz - each bar sounds like 3/4
                      2. RHYTHMS
                        1. Swing Quavers - each pair of quavers is played with the first one slightly longer (a bit like a dotted feel)
                          1. SYNCOPATION
                          2. TEXTURE
                            1. simple
                              1. drum plays steady beat
                                1. wind instruments play in 3rds and 4ths
                                  1. simple riffs played by double bass
                                  2. DYNAMICS
                                    1. mf - moderately loud
                                      1. ensemble plays quietly while the soloist is playing
                                      2. STRUCTURE
                                        1. 12 bar blues
                                          1. one playthrough of the chord sequence is called a chorus
                                            1. 4-bar riff in parallel 3rds separate each section
                                              1. Five sections known as a 'Head arrangement'
                                                1. Introduction
                                                  1. 4 bars - rhythm section followed by riff
                                                  2. Head 1
                                                    1. Head melody followed by riff, played twice
                                                    2. Solos
                                                      1. trumpet/alto sax/tenor sax/piano each followed by riff
                                                      2. Head 2
                                                        1. Head melody followed by riff, played twice
                                                        2. Coda
                                                          1. muted trumpet solo
                                                      3. HARMONY/TONALITY
                                                        1. G major
                                                          1. 12 bar blues
                                                            1. Chord sequence is known as changes
                                                              1. uses flattened 7th (blue notes)
                                                                1. modal jazz as G major with flattened 7th is mixolydian mode
                                                                  1. chords are ectended bu using 7ths, augmented 9ths (#9)
                                                                  2. MELODY
                                                                    1. Head melody - simple using rising 6ths
                                                                      1. 4 improvised solos
                                                                        1. Ghost notes - hinted notes but not necessarily played
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