Atomic Structure


Atomic structure mindmap
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Atomic Structure
  1. The nucleus
    1. Protons
      1. Charge +1, mass 1
        1. No of protons determines what element an atom is
        2. Neutrons
          1. Charge 0, mass 1
            1. Isotopes of an element have the SAME NO OF PROTONS BUT DIFFERENT NOS OF NEUTRONS
              1. Have the SAME chemical properties as they have the same number of electrons
          2. Electrons
            1. Charge -1, mass v. small (1/1836 - approx. 0)
              1. ATOMS of an element have equal numbers of protons and electrons
                1. Atoms can gain or lose electrons to become IONS
                  1. Metal atoms lose electrons to become positive ions - CATIONS
                    1. Non-metal atoms gain electrons to become negative ions - ANIONS
                2. Orbit the nucleus in energy "levels" or "shells"
                  1. A full outer energy shell is stable
                    1. Noble gases have full outer shells and are unreactive or INERT
                    2. Electrons fill the inner energy levels before filling the outer energy levels
                      1. Maximum no of electrons in each energy level = 2,8,8
                      2. Row on periodic table (period) = no of electron shells
                        1. Group no on periodic table = no of electrons IN OUTER SHELL
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