Chinese Cinderella


An interactive min map for learners to revise key aspects of the extract from Chinese Cinderella that appears in the Edexcel Anthology for the Level 1/2 Certificate in English Language.
Sarah Holmes
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Sarah Holmes
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Chinese Cinderella
  1. The Family


    1. Father: Yen Tse-Rung (Joseph)
      1. 1st wife: Ren Yong-Ping
        1. Junpe (Lydia)
          1. Zi-jie (Gregory)
            1. Zi-lin (James)
              1. Zi-jun (Gregory)
                1. Yen Jun-ling (Adeline Yen Mah)
                2. 2nd wife: Niang (Jeanne Virgine Prosperi)
                  1. Jun quing
                    1. Franklin
                3. The turning point
                  1. Wins writing competition
                    1. Father takes notice of her
                      1. Sent to England to study
                        1. The Compromise


                          1. Can go to study In England
                            1. Must study medicine instead of litearture
                    2. Language


                      1. sentences
                        1. Mainly simple and compound
                          1. appropriate for audience and reflects child's perspective
                          2. Questions
                            1. Used by Yen Mah to show lack of understanding
                              1. Used by chauffer and father to highlight Yen Mah's ignorance and stupidity
                              2. Imperatives
                                1. Used by father to dominate Yen Mah and impose his will
                              3. Vocabulary
                                1. Yen Mah's changes from tentative to assertive
                                  1. Tends to be formal
                                    1. Formality reflects the way Chinese people use English. Can seem old fashioned at times.
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