Describes the steps of Mitosis briefly. The order of the steps is as follows: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, Cytokinesis (technically separate), and Interphase. Mitosis is a cycle of theses steps.
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  1. Prophase: DNA condenses and gets organized into chromosomes (organize in pairs)
    1. Nucleolus disappears
      1. Nuclear Membrane disappears
        1. Centrioles (made of microtubules) form spindle fibers
        2. DNA dupicates and two daughter cells have an exact copy of all the chromosome of parent cell
          1. Metaphase: Shortest phase
            1. Chromatids line up at middle. of cell.
              1. Spindle Fibers atatch at centromere
              2. Telophase: Near final splitting off of cell
                1. Nuceoli reform
                  1. Identical Nuclear Membranes reforms
                  2. Anaphase: Spindle Fibers pull sister chromatids apart
                    1. One copy of each go to each pole
                      1. One exact copy of each chromosome made
                      2. Interphase: "Normal/Resting State"
                        1. Getting ready for next divison
                          1. Duplicates Nucleic Acids
                          2. Cytokinesis: Splitting of cytoplasm
                            1. Happens at same time as Telophase
                              1. Cell Membrane pinches → make two separate cells
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