Software Development Standards


A mind map on Software Development Standards following the OCR exam board.
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Software Development Standards
  1. Coding Standards
    1. Comments in the code
      1. Variable names and naming conventions
        1. Formatting the code
          1. Version name and number
          2. Benefits
            1. Efficiency
              1. Any member of development team can work it
                1. The individuals of the team working on it don't have to adapt to a different programming style
                2. Fewer errors and easier debugging
                  1. Results in more accurate coding
                    1. Results in better results
                    2. Easy to maintain
                      1. Any programmer will find it relatively easy to look through the code and understand its structure.
                        1. They will also be able to find what they are looking for when a change needs to be made
                      2. Rules for Standards
                        1. How to document what the system needs to do
                          1. How to break the system into small parts that can be developed by teams of programmers
                            1. How to allocate staff to teams
                              1. How to keep track of changes
                                1. How to code programs
                                  1. How to test
                                    1. How to document the whole system
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