Expanding brackets


This is a mind map explaining how to expand and simplify brackets.
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Expanding brackets
  1. To expand brackets, you need to multiply the number outside the bracket by ALL the values inside the bracket
    1. For example: 3y(4-2y) is the same as (3y)*(4-2y). However, we don't use '*' in algebra. So it is written as 3y(4-2y).
      1. To expand or multiply out of this bracket, we multiply every term inside the bracket by the term outside the bracket.
      2. A slightly harder example of expanding brackets is working with negatives.
        1. For example, try solving this:
            1. When there is a negative term outside the bracket, the signs of the multiplied terms change
            2. In general:
                1. Sometimes we need to multiply out brackets and then simplify expressions
                    1. Try this:
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