Vertebrate animals


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Vertebrate animals
  1. Reptiles
    1. There are 7000 different species that are classified into four groups: lizards and snakes, crocodiles, turtles and tuátaras.
    2. Mammals
      1. They differ by having hairs on the surface of the body. In many species of mammals females have breasts, trought wich the milk that is generated.
      2. Birds
        1. They are also vertebrates and they stay on the hind limbs, teh forelimbs being modified like those, wich to fly although not all can do so.
        2. Fishes
          1. Vertebrate animals, but aquatic, being covered with scales ans have finds
          2. Anphibians
            1. Other vertebrates with gill-like respiration in the larval stage and reaching the pulmonary stage when they are adults
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