GCSE:Graphics colour map


GCSE Graphics mind map filled wit information and colour
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GCSE:Graphics colour map
  1. Size
    1. How big?
      1. Internal storage/External storage?
        1. How big does customer want it to be
        2. Cost
          1. How much is customer paying/
            1. Fair price?
              1. Material cost?
                1. Budget?
                2. Materials and components
                  1. How much?
                    1. Sustainable
                      1. Product
                        1. Suitable materials
                          1. Pricing?
                            1. Size
                            2. Form
                              1. Design
                                1. Colour
                                  1. Shape
                                    1. What is it meant to do?
                                      1. Style
                                        1. Look
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