Digital Citizenship


this is about how these subjects can help you be safe ready to take on the internet
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Digital Citizenship
  1. Digital footprint and Reputation
    1. invisible audience
      1. scouts
        1. colleges/ universites
        2. leaves a mark
          1. every hate comment or picture stays online
          2. shared
            1. shared with people
            2. copied
              1. used to hurt someone
            3. Internet Safety
              1. Messaging
                1. To friends and to people you dont know
                2. video chatting
                  1. chatting with older people
                    1. seeing inapproperite things
                  2. Self-Image and Identity
                    1. who are you online ?
                      1. Don't pretend to be someone else
                        1. be yourself
                          1. limit your personal infomation
                        2. Information Literacy
                          1. needed information
                            1. Age
                              1. pictures
                                1. address
                                  1. phone number
                                  2. evaluate
                                    1. Location
                                    2. Creative Credit and Copyright
                                      1. Piracy
                                        1. stealing copyrighted work by download, copy, to keep or sell without paying for it
                                        2. Plagiariam
                                          1. Copy "lifting" or making slight changes to call someone own's work yours
                                          2. Acknowledge
                                            1. Giving credit to someone's work you use by clearly stating their names
                                          3. Privacy and Security
                                            1. Scams
                                              1. phising emails
                                              2. Identity theft
                                                1. what identity thevies want
                                              3. Relationships and Communication
                                                1. risky communication
                                                  1. communicating with someone you don't know
                                                  2. fake relationships
                                                    1. someone using you for money and other thing that people try to get that is easy to get through internet (catfish)
                                                  3. Cyberbullying
                                                    1. cross the line
                                                      1. cutting
                                                        1. suicide
                                                        2. harssing
                                                          1. name calling
                                                            1. picking fights
                                                            2. bystanders
                                                              1. be a upstander than a bystander
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