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French Grammar
  1. Reflexive verbs
    1. S'entendre= I get on
      1. Je m'entends
        1. tu t'entends
          1. il/elle s'entends
            1. nous nous entendons
              1. vous vous entendez
                1. ils/elles s'entendent
                  1. Followed by "avec" which in turn is usually followed by an emphatic pronoun.
                    1. Je moi
                      1. tu toi
                        1. il lui
                          1. elle elle
                            1. nous nous
                              1. Vous Vous
                                1. ils eux
                                  1. elles elles
                                  2. eg. Je m'entends avec mes parents I get on well with my parents
                                    1. Mon frère et moi ne nous entendons pas avec eux My brother and I don't get on with them
                                    2. when you carry out an activity that involves yourself.
                                      1. To talk about interaction between people e.g. elle se dispute aver son frere
                                      2. passe compose
                                        1. Is the verb one of 15 être verbs (mrs Vandertramp) or is it reflexive
                                          1. Yes
                                            1. Choose the correct form Etre
                                              1. Je suis
                                                1. Tu es
                                                  1. il/elle est
                                                2. Nous sommes
                                                  1. Vous etes
                                                    1. ils/elles sont
                                                      1. Is the verb reflexive?
                                                        1. yes
                                                          1. look at reflexive verbs info
                                                          2. No
                                                3. No
                                                  1. Choose the correct form of avoir
                                                    1. j'ai
                                                      1. tu as
                                                        1. il/elle a
                                                          1. Is the regular or irregular?
                                                            1. Regular
                                                              1. To form the regular past participles
                                                                1. er verbs
                                                                  1. Cross off er and add e
                                                                  2. re verbs
                                                                    1. Cross off re and add u
                                                                    2. ir verbs
                                                                      1. cross off ir add i
                                                                  3. Irregular
                                                                    1. avoir
                                                                      1. boire
                                                                        1. connaitre
                                                                          1. croire
                                                                            1. devoir
                                                                              1. dire
                                                                                1. ecrire
                                                                                  1. etre
                                                                                    1. faire
                                                                                      1. lire
                                                                                        1. mettre
                                                                                          1. ouvrir
                                                                                            1. pouvoir
                                                                                              1. prendre
                                                                                                1. recevoir
                                                                                                  1. rire
                                                                                                    1. savoir
                                                                                                      1. vivre
                                                                                                        1. voir
                                                            2. Nous avons
                                                              1. vous avez
                                                                1. ils/elles ont
                                                        2. talking about one off, or completed activities and sudden actions
                                                        3. Imperfect tense
                                                          1. To form the imperfect we take the nous form of the present tense and take off the ons to get the imperfect stem
                                                            1. To this stem we add the endings as follows
                                                              1. je
                                                                1. tu
                                                                  1. il
                                                                    1. nous
                                                                      1. vous
                                                                        1. ils
                                                                2. ais
                                                                  1. ais
                                                                    1. ait
                                                                      1. ions
                                                                        1. iez
                                                                          1. aient
                                                              2. EXCEPTIONS:
                                                                1. etre whose stem is et
                                                                  1. verbs like manger and ranger who have an extra "e" in the nous form of the present tense, retain this in the imperfect to make the "g" sound soft (mon frere mangeait)
                                                                    1. Verbs like commencer, which have a "c" in the nous form, retain this to make the "c" sound soft (je commencais).
                                                                    2. describing things in the past (setting the scene)
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