French Past tense verbs and pronouns


French Past tense verbs with english & French Past tense pronouns with english
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French Past tense verbs and pronouns
  1. Take present tense of Avoir
    1. J'AI - I have
      1. Tu AS - You (INFORMAL,SINGULAR) have
        1. il/elle/on A - He/she/we or one have
          1. Nous AVONS - We Have
            1. Vous AVEZ - You (FORMAL,POLITE,PLURAL) have
              1. ils/elles ONT- They (MALE,FEMALE) have
              2. Past tense break down
                1. J'ai Mange
                  1. ai- AUXILLARY VERB
                    1. Mange - PAST PARTICIPLE (PP)
                      1. J'- Subject
                    2. Verb Ending Rules
                      1. ER Verbs
                        1. End in e in Past tense
                          1. J'ai regarde
                            1. I Watched
                            2. Regarder
                              1. To Watch
                          2. RE Verbs
                            1. RE verbs
                              1. J'ai vendu mon t.v.
                                1. I sold my TV
                                2. Vendre
                                  1. To sell
                              2. IR Verbs
                                1. Just take off the R
                                  1. J'ai fini
                                    1. I finished
                                  2. Verb: Finir
                                    1. To Finish
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