Themes in Love Through the Ages


Mind Map on Themes in Love Through the Ages, created by Hannah Hall on 23/03/2015.
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Hannah Hall
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Themes in Love Through the Ages
  1. Lust
    1. The Rover, Aphra Behn
      1. The Flea, John Donne
      2. Loss
        1. A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennesse Williams
          1. Hamlet, William Shakespeare
            1. A Pink Wool Knitted Dress, Ted Hughes
            2. Regret
              1. Wild Oats, Philip Larkin
                1. Atonement, Ian McEwan
                2. Unrequited
                  1. The Scrutiny, Richard Lovelace
                    1. Great Expectations, Charles Dickens
                    2. Marriage
                      1. One Flesh, Elizabeth Jennings
                        1. The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde
                          1. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
                            1. Hamlet, William Shakespeare
                            2. Forbidden Love
                              1. Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare
                                1. Bent, Martin Sherman
                                2. Dysfunctional Love
                                  1. The Cement Garden, Ian McEwan
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