How to stay safe online
Lucy Corlett
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Lucy Corlett
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  1. Never share personal information online


    • Personal information includes things like passwords, addresses, full names and dates of birth
    1. If you suspect someone has got hold of your personal information, report them and tell an adult. If it is a password, change it immediately.
    2. If you receive messages from someone you don't know in real life, don't reply to them
      1. Never talk to anyone online that you don't know in real life


        • You don't know anything about them. Some people lie about themselves online to try to get people to like them, so always be careful about who you speak to
        1. Definitely don't arrange to meet up with anyone you only know online
        2. Instead, you should block them and tall an adult
        3. If you receive nasty messages from someone online, don't retaliate. Screenshot it, report the person and/or tell a trusted adult
          1. If you suspect someone is being cyber-bullied, you can tell an adult or speak to them about it. Never try to deal with it yourself.
            1. Try not to be the person sending nasty messages. If something happens to upset you, tell an adult. The worst thing you can do is to be mean back.
            2. If you see something online that makes you uncomfortable, report it.
              1. Some sites have a whistle symbol you can press. This should report the content
                1. If the site you're on doesn't have a report button, thinkuknow does. You could also tell an adult.
                  1. Examples of inappropriate content
                    1. Any message that seems to be threatening or malicious
                      1. If you suspect someone online is impersonating someone else
                        1. Any personal information (yours or someone else's
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