The world around us, its life and interactions


resource for third term plannings for 3rd grade about earth and the solar system and llight and sound. 14 weeks of planning with this
Ana Karina Yepes Gomez
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Ana Karina Yepes Gomez
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Resource summary

The world around us, its life and interactions
  1. Content
    1. The Earth Moves
      1. The structure of the Earth
        1. The Earth changes
        2. Living things and the environment
          1. Ecosystems
            1. Adaptations of living things
              1. Food chains
            2. Cognition
              1. Explain, describe, recognize, oberve, give examples, suggest. Develop scientific skills
              2. Culture
                1. Education through values: Respecting the Environment, Risk Reduction, and Risk Prevention culture for Earthquakes, safety in emergencies
                2. Communication
                  1. Language of learning
                    1. Use of word focus (Vocabulary building); classify elements, Draw conclusions,Make descriptions with the use of adjectives, spelling bee activities, present simple senteces.
                    2. Language through learning
                      1. Identify and make descriptions of characteristics of the environment, of the earth's layers and its movements; Identify and apply safety in emergencies.
                      2. Language for learning
                        1. 4 skills: Listening, writing, reading, speaking; Use diagrams to communicate ideas, explanations and observations
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