The English Language Techniques


English Language Techniques
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The English Language Techniques
  1. A metaphor
    1. A metaphor is a comparison which does not use like or as
      1. An example : George has the heart of a lion
    2. A Simile
      1. A Simile is a direct comparison that always contains the word like or as
        1. An example: Jane was as cool as a cucumber
      2. Onomatopoeia
        1. Onomatopoeia uses words that mitate and reproduce real-life sounds and action
          1. An example: BANG! , BOOM! , SPLAT!
        2. Personification
          1. Personification is where a non- living object is given living qualities, writing of it as if it were a living person
            1. An example: The camera loves me
          2. Alliteration
            1. Alliteration is the repetition of constant repeat of the first letter
              1. An example: Peter Piper picked a peck of Pickled Peppers
            2. Assonance
              1. Assonance is the repetition of similar or identical vowel sounds in a poetic line
                1. An example: I must confess that on my quest i feel depressed and restless
              2. Repetition
                1. Repetition is the repeating of word/words or something
                  1. An example: food food food food food food
                2. Dialouge
                  1. A conversation between two or more people
                    1. "I'm hungry", said Lauren
                  2. Rhythm or Rhyme
                    1. Rhyme is the repetition of a final vowel and consonant sounds in words
                      1. An example: bear fear hear tear gear dear sear
                      2. Rhythm is the flow and beat of a poem
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