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  1. Starting information
    1. In this environment the students can click on each of the link to access, participate o analyze the environment subjects. The agenda of the course is very important as it points out the dates and evaluative value of each phase of the collaborative, this is highly important as it’s the reminder for the works delivery dates.
    2. Knowledge environment
      1. This environment contains the Syllabus of the course, which is very important as it shows in an organized way the course has been set; it shows the contents, the strategies, the learning activities and the course qualification method, also the readings and required topics for the course development.
      2. Collaborative learning environment
        1. According to the agenda there are some phases where it is a must to participate in a collaborative way in the tasks, in this space the students make some inputs and in this environment they sent a message to confirm that the sent files belong to the final steps of the phase. As these files are recognized for the scoring points according to the evaluation policy.
        2. Practice learning environment
          1. This environment has been set for the presentation of every student with the practical component data according to the closest CEAD schedule. Hence it is necessary to download the activity guide document.
          2. Monitoring and evaluation environment
            1. In this environment we can see the continuous and formative evaluation of the learning. In the same way you can find the comments for the inputs and the final documents.
            2. Student´s Management environment
              1. This environment is a very important section for the student as it enables him to run all the procedures related to the educational process. There we can find the links that lead to the campus resources.
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