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  1. CHAPTER 1
    1. George Gamwell fights with a lord that want his lands.
      1. He leave with her daugther beacause his wife and two son was killed.
        1. He teaches her to defend by herself.
          1. She fall in love with a Norman, but his father doesn´t accept so she escapes to the forest with him.
            1. They have a boy, Robin Fitzooth and she teaches her son to live in the forest.
      2. CHAPTER 2
        1. CHAPTER 3
          1. CHAPTER 4
            1. CHAPTER 5
              1. CHAPTER 6
                1. CHAPTER 7
                  1. CHAPTER 8
                    1. CHAPTER 9
                      1. CHAPTER 10
                        1. CHAPTER 11
                          1. CHAPTER 12
                            1. CHAPTER 13
                              1. CHAPTER 14
                                1. CHAPTER 15
                                  1. CHAPTER 16
                                    1. King Richard dies and Robin is caught and wounded
                                      1. From the St. Mary’s Abbey, where he lies dying.
                                        1. He shoots an arrow and is then buried in the forest where it falls.
                                    2. King Richard arrives in Sherwood himself to check up on Robin Hood.
                                      1. When he has satisfied himself about the outlaw’s true self.
                                        1. He reveals himself and restores Robin’s lands.
                                    3. Once again, the sheriff devises a cunning plan to catch Robin.
                                      1. He organises an archery contest, knowing that Robin will be tempted to prove his mastery.
                                        1. Robin duly comes, wins the contest and escapes.
                                    4. When Sir Richard tries to return the money Robin has lent him.
                                      1. He does not take the gold.
                                        1. Instead, he gives him fine clothes and a beautiful white horse for his wife.
                                    5. To recover the money they have given to Sir Richard.
                                      1. Robin’s men invite two rich churchmen to a forest dinner and rob them of their clothes.
                                        1. Their horses and their bags full of gold.
                                    6. Robin finds Friar Tuck
                                      1. He is working as a ferryman and has some fun with his boat before asking the friar to officiate at his marriage to Marian.
                                        1. Then to join the outlaw band.
                                    7. Now Marian has to flee to the forest too, as she refuses to marry the sheriff.
                                      1. She brings with her Friar Tuck, but they get separated in the forest.
                                        1. Robin and Marian want him to marry them, but first they need to find him.
                                    8. The next day, the Sheriff visits Marian’s father and announces he wants to marry his daughter.
                                      1. Marian does not talk to him but she listens behind a door.
                                        1. Her father advises her to marry the Sheriff but she refuses.
                                    9. Lady Marian and her father have their big party.
                                      1. The Sheriff knows Robin will be there.
                                        1. When his men try to catch him, another fight breaks out.
                                    10. They find out the Abbot will not wait another year for the money.
                                      1. So that he can have Sir Richard’s lands and house.
                                        1. When Little John adds the sum Sir Richard needs to meet the full amount of the debt.
                                          1. The Abbot is very angry.
                                    11. Will finds a sad Sir Richard of Lee in the forest and takes him to Robin.
                                      1. He needs help to repay the money lent to him by the Abbot of St Mary’s to save his son’s life.
                                        1. Robin offers him the sum he needs and Little John goes with him
                                          1. They want to test the Abbot and see if he’s ready to be flexible.
                                    12. On a walk in the forest Robin meets Little John.
                                      1. A big and strong man.
                                        1. After a fight Robi invite him to joins his group in the forest.
                                    13. After the fight in the wedding, Prince John sells all the Robin´s lands to the Sheriff.
                                      1. The situation of the villlagers gets worst.
                                        1. Then, the Sheriff found a villagers with a dead deer, but he can´t pay for them.
                                          1. The Sheriff tell that he will going to kill him.
                                            1. He then tells the Sheriff that he can help to found Robin, after that escapes into the Forest.
                                              1. He is killed and his house burn down.
                                    14. The sheriff´s men came to interrupe the wedding.
                                      1. There is a fight outside the abbey.
                                        1. So now, Robin has to hide in the forest because the Sheriff know about him.
                                          1. Robin asks Marian that wait for him.
                                    15. Robin grow up . At 25 its a kind man that helps poor villagers.
                                      1. When the Sheriff hear about Robin, send some men for find out about him.
                                        1. Robin of Loclsley is the robber, and the Sheriff have a bad plan for him.
                                          1. He will go to St. Mary´s Abbey for stop the wedding and catchs Robin.
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