The practice of communicative activities to develop basic reading comprehension skills in students


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The practice of communicative activities to develop basic reading comprehension skills in students
  1. Context:
    1. The research was carried out in public school in Montería Córdoba. It was studied of Cycle 5th at Colegio Rancho Grande in Monteria
    2. Participants:
      1. The participants of this study were students of cycle 5, it means 1oth and 11th grade at colegio Rancho Grande, the participants were between 18 and 25 years old
      2. Purpose:
        1. The objetive of the researchers was very specific, they wanted to estimulate some students to develop and improve their basic reading comprehenshion skils through the practice of comunicative activities in the classrom
        2. Data collection techniques:
          1. *Reading comprehenshion activities
            1. *Observing reading activities in class
              1. *Questions
              2. Methodology:
                1. The methodology is Action Research because they changed a reality by appliying some activities in the classroom, they carried out some activities and observe the results which were positive. Moreover, the communicative activities they carried out help the students to develop their reading comprehension skills.
                2. Theories:
                  1. *Williams, -1990. Concept of reading
                    1. *Reder & Green, 1993. Stedman & Koestle, 1987
                      1. *Greenwood, J - 1999. Class readers.
                      2. Results:
                        1. The managend to find specific information in the text although it was complicated at the begining
                          1. It was easier for the students to work on the main idea they didn't have to understand the whole text to identify the main idea.
                            1. They were able to understand a little bit easierthe reading, because they got reach with vocabulary activities before reading
                              1. They could share their feeling and thoughts about the reading, and they really found the activities like good comunicate experiences.
                              2. of cycle 5th at Colegio Rancho Grande in Montería
                                1. KarenPolo & Luis Garcia
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