English B1. Final Task


Mapa mental que resume los medios de transmisión inalámbricos
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English B1. Final Task
    1. 4. Emotional intelligence
      1. Types of Emotions
        1. Positive: Feelings of satisfaction, joy, and motivation
          1. Negative: Feelings of frustration, stress, and anger.
          2. Emotion Management
            1. Recognition: Identifying and understanding one's own emotions
              1. Regulation: Controlling and effectively managing emotions
                1. Mindfulness
                2. Impact on Work
                  1. Productivity
                    1. Interpersonal Relationships
                  2. 3. Communication
                    1. Better conversations
                      1. Go with the flow
                        1. Don’t multitask
                          1. Listen.
                            1. If you don’t know something, be honest about it
                              1. Try not to repeat yourself.
                                1. Use open-ended questions.
                                  1. Be brief.
                                2. 1. Feedback
                                  1. Types of feedback
                                    1. Positive. Reinforce good performance
                                      1. Constructive. aimed at improvement by addressing areas of concern
                                        1. 360-degree. From multiple sources for a holistic view
                                        2. Giving Feedback
                                          1. Clear Objectives. Setting specific goals
                                            1. Behavior Description
                                              1. Suggested Solutions
                                              2. Receiving Feedback
                                                1. Active Listening
                                                  1. Reflection. Taking time to think about
                                                    1. Continuous Improvement
                                                  2. 2. Effective collaboration
                                                    1. clear goals and clear roles
                                                      1. stay focused and motivated,
                                                        1. Individual responsibilities
                                                        2. Leaders
                                                          1. focusing on tasks and relationships
                                                            1. team-building and creating an environment of friendliness and trust.
                                                            2. Co-operation
                                                              1. working together to achieve a goal
                                                              2. spirit of community
                                                            3. FINANCE AND ECONOMY
                                                              1. The Covid-19 pandemic effects
                                                                1. increase in the number of people who have fallen into poverty
                                                                2. Second hand car market
                                                                3. Grammar
                                                                  1. “Will” and “going to”
                                                                    1. Adjectives, Comparatives and Superlatives
                                                                      1. New vocabulary
                                                                        1. Regular and irregular verbs
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