HTML5 Leads a Web Revolution


Nuevas caracteristicas de HTML5
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HTML5 Leads a Web Revolution
    1. Today in day by a profileration of a mobile devices and social networks an enhanced family of web specifications is bringing new power to developers and new capabilities to users.
      1. The Developers of software say that World Wide web say that HTML5 is revolutionizing the web evolves,works and is used It is simplifying the work of programmers.
        1. The difficulty lies in the definition because HTML5 is both a single specification and a whole set of technologies. While the markup language has for more than two decades remained at the core of Web software.
          1. HTML5 is most often thought of broadly to include new versions of the markup language itself and its associated standard for accessing and manipulating HTML documents, the Document Object Model.
            1. HTML document; and the JavaScript scripting language. The term is often used even more broadly to include specific application programming interfaces (APIs), such as those that enable new browser-based graphics, geolocation, local storage, and video capabilities.
              1. Thanks to HTML5, developers can now enable transparent access to geolocation information without having to write separate code for each browser and device.
                1. HTML5 has a standard JavaScript interface for geolocation, so that a Web browser on a mobile device can access GPS data without invoking a custom-written API to a GPS device or application.
                  1. WHATWG is a complementary standards body founded in 2004 by Hickson, then at Apple, and others from Apple, the Mozilla Foundation, and Opera Software.
                    1. HTML5 is not a finished standard, and its adaption varies by company and industry.
                      1. Microsoft and Google have their own not entirely compatible approaches to video, and different browsers support different audio and video codecs. So, software developers still must accommodate multiple methods if they want to have comprehensive coverage.
                        1. Hui Zhang is keenly interested in video as a cofounder of Conviva Inc., a firm developing products to improve the visual quality of Internet video. He says video is the most complex of Internetborne information and that vendors’ technologies for codecs, streaming protocols, and DRM will be “the slowest to converge” to standards.
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