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    1. We do not use the auxilary verb do in reported questions.
      1. Do you like vegetables?- he asked me if i liked vegetables.
      2. there is no inversion of subject and verb in reported question
        1. where are you? - he asked me where i was
        2. when there is no question word( who, what, where etc) we use if or whether.
          1. is that your car? - he asked me if that was my car
        3. STATEMENTS
          1. the tense of the verb in reported speech usually change going one tense back.
            1. present simple - past simple
              1. present continuous - past continuous
                1. past simple - past perfect continuous
                  1. present perfect continuous - past perfect continuous
                    1. will - would
                      1. must - must/had to
                        1. can - could
                          1. may/might - might
                            1. maybe i have made a mistake- he said he might had made a mistake
                            2. i can play the piano this afternoon- he said he could play the piano that afternoon
                            3. i must do my homework for tomorrow- he said that he mus do his homework for tomorrow
                            4. i will play tennis tomorrow- he said he would play tennis the next day
                            5. i have been playing tennis for 2 hours- he said he had been playing tennis for 2 hours
                            6. i played tennis yesterday- he said he had played tennis yesterday
                            7. i am playing tennis- he said he was playing tennis
                            8. I ke playing football- he said he liked playing football
                          2. when the reporting verb is in the past but the statement is something which is still true, or is and will be always true, the tense of the verb in reported speech usually stays the same
                            1. M name is Cistina- she said her name is Cristina.
                            2. In reported speech, pronouns and possesive adjectives algo change
                              1. i like your hair- she said he liked her hair
                              2. With say you do not need to use a personal object to say who you saying something to.
                                1. i dont like this job- he said he didnt like that job
                                2. With tell you must use a personal object to say who you are saying something to
                                  1. John i dont like this job- the told him he didnt like that job
                                3. OTHER REPORTING VERBS
                                  1. add, admit, agree, announce, claim, complain, explain, promise. These verbs work like say .
                                    1. remind, warn. These verbs work like tell.
                                    2. OTHER REPORTING STRUCTURES.
                                      1. Verb + infinitive: agree, claim, promise, refuse
                                        1. he agreed to repeat the exam.
                                        2. verb + object + infinitive: advise,ask,forbid,instruct,tell,order,invite,remind,warn,recommend.
                                          1. he invited her to have dinner out.
                                          2. verb + gerund: admit,advise,deny,regret,recommend,suggest
                                            1. he advised doing more difficult
                                            2. verb + preposition + gerund: apologize for, insist on, object to, confess to
                                              1. he apologized for doing bad the exercise
                                              2. verb + object + preposition + gerund: accuse somebody of, congratulate somebody on, criticize somebody for, warn somebody against
                                                1. they accused him of stealing the bag.
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