Differences between Data ImportWizard and Data Loader


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Gian Vallejos
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Differences between Data ImportWizard and Data Loader
  1. Data Import Wizard
    1. 50K data records
      1. No Export
        1. Some Standard Objects
          1. Accounts
            1. Contacts
              1. Leads
                1. Solutions
                  1. Campaigns
                    1. Members
                      1. Person Account
                      2. Allows Custom Objects
                        1. From SF Setup
                          1. Prevent Duplicates
                            1. No save mapping file
                              1. Can avoid workflow rules & Process
                              2. Data Loader
                                1. All Standard & custom Objects
                                  1. Export
                                    1. Up to 5M records
                                      1. Client Side Software
                                        1. Save Mapping file
                                          1. Command Line interface
                                            1. Extra Operations
                                              1. Hard Delete
                                                1. Export All
                                              2. Other Tools
                                                1. Workbench
                                                  1. Export
                                                    1. Select Data
                                                    2. ETL Tools
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