Across the music (proyect for 5º about history of Music) The Baroque and Classicism


Mindmap about hystory of music for 5th grade.
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Across the music (proyect for 5º about history of Music) The Baroque and Classicism
  1. General characteristics


    • Use collaborative tools Do a blog with multimedia content.
    1. History of music: Baroque and Romanticism
      1. Resources:
      2. Activities
        1. 1. Divide the classroom in two groups
          1. Classicism
            1. Baroque
            2. 2. Divide the items


              • -General characteristics of the period. (Years, instruments,  -Most important composers deppending on the period (their lifes and their most famous pieces) 
              1. 3. Organize your website + add multimedia content


                • Add quizes, sounds, tools, games and other resources.
                1. 4. Desing a test about your period
                  1. 5. Search your classmates' website and explore it
                    1. 6. Check your knowledge by doing the test
                    2. Language content/ Communication
                      1. Vocabulary


                        • Composer, instruments, piece, sounds, rhythm,....
                        1. Structures


                          • … was born in… … his most important pieces are.... You can listen the piece in...
                          1. Discourse type Exposition
                            1. Language skills
                              1. Reading
                                1. Writing
                                  1. Listening
                                2. Key competences
                                  1. Managing information and digital competence
                                    1. Social and citizen competence.
                                      1. Autonomy and personal undertaking
                                        1. Cultural and artistic competence
                                          1. Competence in linguistic communication
                                            1. Learning by doing.
                                            2. Evaluation
                                              1. Link different resources
                                                1. Choose the most suitable information
                                                  1. The group had collaborated
                                                    1. The website has an appealing design
                                                      1. The child has acquired the principal concepts of both periods
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                                                      Properties of musical tones
                                                      Olga Veiga
                                                      Géneros Musicales
                                                      mariajesus camino
                                                      Family Instruments (English)
                                                      Daniel Domínguez Farray
                                                      Alisson Ortega
                                                      NOTE VALUES & RESTS
                                                      Olga Veiga
                                                      Qualities of Sound (Loud and quiet)
                                                      Juande Calderón
                                                      THE NOTES
                                                      Musical Intruments
                                                      Inés H
                                                      THE NOTES: TEST
                                                      MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS