Deeper Learning


Mind map about deeper learning. What it is, how it can impact students and our future. Thank you @HFMarcChun & @CarriSchneider for input and suggestions.
Maya V.
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Maya V.
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Deeper Learning
  1. PBL
    1. Project/Problem-based learning
      1. Knowledge without application...
        1. ...does not bring any value
    2. TEACHER
      1. Facilitator
      2. STUDENT
        1. Takes ownership of his/her own learning
          1. active learning
            1. self-belief
            2. understands the importance and applications of what they are learning
              1. motivation
              2. Academic mindsets
                1. You belong in school
                  1. Improvement through sustained effort
                    1. Had work pays off
                  2. Acquiring skills for life
                    1. Critical thinking
                      1. Seeing the big picture
                        1. Connecting ideas
                          1. Being conscious of the details
                            1. Brainstorming
                            2. Collaboration
                              1. Sharing ideas
                                1. Teamwork
                                2. Communication
                                  1. Providing constructive feedback
                                  2. Future
                                    1. New challenges
                                      1. What we know today might not be enough
                                        1. Require new skillsets
                                          1. Problem-solving
                                            1. Adaptability
                                              1. Creativity
                                            2. Let's prepare new generations to be able to overcome them
                                          2. Civic/Citizenship Skills
                                          3. Core-academic content
                                            1. Applying it to real-life situations
                                              1. Giving context
                                              2. Tools
                                                1. Mind maps


                                                2. Assessment
                                                  1. New approach needed
                                                  2. Community Collaborative Vision
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