The Global Role of the United States


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  • The Global Role of the USA
  • U.S. foreign policy has often been determined to transport the ideas of the American Dream to the world
  • the promotion of free trade and capitalism (economig growth)
  • the promotion of peace, freedom, and democracy
  • the improvement of living conditions
  • protecting the safety/ freedom of all American citizens + help other people in need
  • Isolationism in the 18th and 19th century
  • Interventionism in the 20th century
  • International relations after 1945
  • Criticism and responses
  • - avoiding foreign entanglements- they remained from European disputes- focused on territorial expansion- Monroe doctrine, 1823the U.S would neither interfere in affairs/ wars of the EU, nor in existing European colonies- "Manifest Destiny"/ "Social Darwinism" (survival of the fittest) justifies a growing imperialist policy
  • the U.S. occupued many nations in the Pacific (military)- role of a moral world leader and a military and economic world power(Pearl Harbor, WW I and II)
  • - Americas rola as a "world policeman"- use its military and economic power to support its democratic ideals- result: era of hostility (Cold War, "war on terror" in Iraq..)- U.S. had military and economic interests in every region of the globe,- although they want to stabilize/ secure these regions. the U.S moral authority was severely damaged 
  • golas regarded as noble have often been overstated but despite all the criticism, they once maintained a peacekeeping role and they're stil being asked to become active worldwide
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