B1.2: Responses to a changing environment


Flash cards for B1.2 topic, Responses to a changing environment. Part of the Edexcel GCSE course.
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Define Homeostasis Maintaining a stable internal environment
Define Vasodilation When the body is too warm, blood flows near the surface through superficial capillaries. This allows more heat to be lost, which cools the body down.
Define Vasoconstriction When the body is too cold, blood flow is restricted near the surface, allowing heat to be retained, warming the body up.
Sensory neurones Take nerve impulses from receptors to the central nervous system
Relay neurones In the central nervous system. Take nerve impulses from sensory neurones to motor neurones.
Motor neurones Take impulses from the central nervous system to muscles or glands (effectors).
Name 2 hormones found in humans Insulin, adrenaline, testosterone, oestrogen, and progesterone.
Define Reflex arc Reflex actions bypass the brain, speeding up response times. Used when the body is in danger.
Give an example of a reflex action Iris reflex - Iris contracts or expands depending on light level
Define Type 1 diabetes Unable to produce insulin
Define Type 2 diabetes Resistant to insulin produced
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