Wired and Wireless Networks


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What is the internet? A collection of inter-connected networks
What does WAN stand for and briefly describe what it does Wide Area Networks use resources supplied by third party carriers such as British Telecom. WAN also uses cables spread over large geographical areas
What is significant about every IP Address in the world? Every single IP Address is different
with packet switching what is each file split up into? Each file is split up into packets of 512 bytes
What will happen if any packets are not acknowledged after a set time? All these packets will be resent by the sending computer
What does DNS stand for and what is its purpose? A Domain Name System translates the web address such as 'Google.co.uk' into an IP address
What does LAN stand and where does is operate? Local Area Networks operate on a single site such as a school or small business using their own cabling
Name two network topologies that a LAN can be set up Star network Mesh network
What is the purpose of a Router A router sends packets on their way in their best direction
Whats the purpose of a Hub? Used for printers, when a packet is recived it broadcasts the packet to all devices on the network
what does a Switch do? Smart multi-plug adapter only sends packets to the intended recipient, using its MAC address
What is the role of the client? The client sends requests to the server Waits for a reply Receives the reply
Name 2 advantages of a client-server network Security is better because data is held in one location rather than all over the organisation Users can log in from any computer on the network and access their data
Name 2 advantages of a Peer to Peer network Easier to set up – computers can simply be cabled together Individual computers can share a printer, router, modem and other hardware
Name 2 disadvantages for P2P networks Viruses and malware are easily transferred over this type of network Data recovery and backup is not done centrally, so each computer has to have its own backup system
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