GCSE French Edexcel High Frequency Verbs: Second Set


High frequency verbs in the French Edexcel GCSE
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introduire to introduce
inviter to invite
sauter to jump
frapper to knock, hit
savoir to know (a fact)
connaître to know (be familiar with)
atterrir to land
durer to last
rire to laugh
apprendre to learn
partir to leave
quitter to leave
laisser to leave (an object)
prêter to lend
décrocher to lift the reciever
allumer to light, turn on
aimer to like
écouter to listen
habiter to live
vivre to live
charger to load, to charge
s'occuper de to look after
ressembler à to look like, to resemble
perdre to lose
adorer to love
se débrouiller to manage
rencontrer to meet
manquer to miss
noter to note
ouvrir to open
commander to order
organiser to organise
garer to park
stationner to park
passer to pass by, to go
téléphoner to phone
poser (une question) to place, ask (a question)
plaire to please
préférer to prefer
présenter to present
empêcher to prevent
produire to produce
tirer to pull
pousser to push
mettre to put
remettre to put back
recevoir to receive, be host to
recommander to recommend
rembourser to refund
regretter to regret, be sorry
se rappeler to remember
se souvenir to remember
louer to rent, to hire
réparer to repair
répéter to repeat
remplacer to replace
répondre to replace
rechercher to research
réserver to reserve
rentrer to return
retourner to return
réviser to revise
sonner to ring
sauver to save
dire to say
voir to see
sembler to seem
vendre to sell
envoyer to send
servir to serve
montrer to show
signer to sign
s'asseoir to sit down
dormir to sleep
sourire to smile
neiger to snow
parler to speak
dépenser to spend
rester to stay
reposer to rest
voler to steal, to fly
coller to stick
s'arrêter to stop
étudier to study
réussir to succeed
surfer sur internet to surf the internet
fermer to switch off
éteindre to switch off
allumer to switch on
prendre to take
raconter to tell
remercier to thank
penser to think
croire to think, believe
jeter to throw
toucher to touch
essayer to try
taper to type
comprendre to understand
se servir de to use
utiliser to use
rendre visite à to visit (a person)
visiter to visit (place)
attendre to wait for
marcher to walk
vouloir to want
désirer to want, desire
gagner to win, earn
souhaiter to wish
travailler to work
écrire to write
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