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Introduction to French, featuring: - Greetings - Asking how someone is/responding - Saying goodbye
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Bonjour Good Morning
Salut Hello
Je M'appelle My name is
Comment tu t'appelles? What is your name?
Comment t'appelles-tu? What is your name? (Casual)
Tu You, Casual. Used for friends your age and people younger than you.
Vous You. Formal. Used for anyone older than you.
Comment vous appelez-vous? What is your name? (formal)
Comment ça va? How are you?
Je vais bien I am doing well.
Je vais mal I am not well.
comme ci comme ça So-So
Plus ou moins more or less
Ça va Things are fine.
Pas Mal Not bad
Très mal Very Bad
Et Toi? And You? (Casual)
Et Vous? And You? (Formal)
Très bien. Very good.
Oui Yes
Non No
Merci Thanks
Comment allez-vous? How are you? (Formal)
Comment vas-tu? How are you? (Formal)
Bonsoir Good Evening (Used as a greeting)
Bonne nuit Good night
À tout à l'heure See you later
À demain See you tomorrow
À bientôt See you soon
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