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Rag Desh Flash cards World Music
Use of Rag A raga is a set of notes (5-8) used to create a particular mood, time of day, season or gender. Notes are sometimes different on the way down.
Use of Rag Passed down aurally, improvised and never written down.
Use of Rag Rag Desh is light, late evening and associated with the monsoon season.
Melody The melody is improvised from notes of the rag.
Drone The drone is one or two notes usually played by the tambura used to keep a sense of tuning to base the melody on.
Tala The tala is the rhythm provided by the tabla drums. Organised into repeating rhythmic cycles called tala. The first beat of the cycle is called the Sam. The most common tala is tintal (16 beats).
Instrumentation Anoushka Shankar Setting 1 Sitar (guitar) Tabla (drums)
Instrumentation Chiranji Lal Tanwar Setting 2 Voice Sarangi (no frets, bowed) Sarod (small sitar, no frets lower) Pakhawaj (large 2 headed drum) Cymbals Tabla (drums)
Instrumentation Benjy Wertheimer Setting 3 Bansuri (flute) Esraj (bowed string) Tambura (drone) Tabla (drums)
Technical playing devises Meend The meend is the sound of the sliding effect between notes (sitar)
Technical playing devises Tan The tan is the rapid scalic flourishes on the sitar, sarod and sarangi.
Technical playing devises Tabla drums The bayan (left) drum is played with the heel of the hand pressed down to change the pitch.
Structure Alap The also is the introduction to the raga performance.
Structure Alap This is improvised to introduce the mood of the rag.
Structure Alap it is slow, has no pulse and no percussion.
Structure Gat This is a fixed composition section.
Structure Gat A pulse is established (tala drums).
Structure Gat This section contains instrumental dialogue between instruments and drummer.
Structure Jhor This is another section in Indian classical music but is not featured in these settings.
Structure Jhalla Fast, for the solos to show off. (Setting 1)
Structure Bhajan Short solos (Setting 2)
Structure Anoushka Shankar Alap Gat Jhalla
Structure Chiranji Lal Tanwar Alap Bhajan
Structure Benjy Wertheimer Alap Gat 1 Gat 2
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