reasons for the unpopularity of the republic


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when did the Weimar republic formally start? 1919
the politicians who set up and ran the weimar republic also surrendered to what? what effect did this have? they also surrendered to the peace treaty. this meant that the Weimar republic was linked to surrender and harsh treaty peace terms.
Was there any other choice but to surrender? if there was, what were they? if there wasn't, why not? No. There was little alternative. Germany was torn apart by social and political unrest, and her money and troops were running low. The Hindenburg line was breached. The allies were stronger.
when was the treaty signed, and where? the treaty was signed at a french palace at Versailles on 28 June 1919.
name a few reasons why the treaty was so unpopular. - it was a diktat - non negotiable - the war guilt - reparations - military strength - no more colonies - a loss of land - Dolchstoss
what was Dolchstoss? "A stab in the back". the German people thought that although the army was in retreat by Nov 1918, it was undefeated and betrayed by politicians. Even Ebert agreed, saying "your sacrifice and deeds are without parallel. No enemy defeated you!" as he greeted the army.
who were the November Criminals? the German leaders who signed the treaty. they were called this as they signed it, surprisingly, in November.
what was the impact of the treaty on the republic? - damaged Germany's economy - placed her in debt - made the republic politically weak - the weimar republic was then linked to defeat, humiliation and weakness.
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