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Please explain what creativity is . and what is meant by "thinking outside the box" Creative thinking is when someone thinks about making something it is usually unique and not dull, outside the box is when the person thinks of a unique idea usually linking somethings which are not linked at all together.
what is the meaning of the word unique ....this is a very important work and should be used in exam Unique is when it is indervidual and not similar to anything in the same type or world.
****moood board****** what is it who uses it and what for it is used for brainstorming any ideas what come into the persons head in their current mood.
what is a thought shower. a thought shower is not allowed to be said anymore due to people with special needs but it used to mean that the person when coming up with an idea would but every linked thing in their head on paper.
can you use the mind map todo a thought shower with the access Fm 8 heading .
right so be creative ,,,these help u mood board, thought shower, incubation period.....write them down again mood board, thought shower, incubation period.
quick modelling what is this this is when someone make a quick scrappy model of an idea.
CAD what is this short for computer aided design.
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