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Network a collection of computer and other hardware that has been connected together in order to allow the communication and sharing of resources
Packet a collection of data that is transmitted over a packet-switched network
Router a device that allows communication between a LAN and the Internet. This is the device by which one can access the internet.
Hub a device which lots of computer can be connected, usually with Ethernet cables. It allows computers connected to it to communicate with one another.
Switch a device which performs the same function as the hub but it learns the locations of the computer and other devices plugged into it, making the network more efficient.
Network Interface Card (NIC) a device that each computer that is to be added to a network must have. This is where the Ethernet cable would be plugged in, or where the wireless signal would be received.
Protocol an agreed-upon format which allows two devices to communicate
Protocol Stack when a programmer takes the rules of a protocol and implements them when creating a program
LAN (Local Area Network) a network in which the computer systems are all located relatively close to each other e.g. the same building
WAN (Wide Area Network) a network in which the computer systems are all located relatively distant from each other e.g. all over a country, different countries
Network Topology the theoretical layout of computer systems on a network
Encryption the conversion of data, using an algorithm, into a form called cyphertext that cannot be easily understood by people without the decryption key
Backup the process of copying data (usually onto a secondary storage medium) so that it can be preserved and restored if the original data is lost
Archiving the process of storing data which is no longer in current or frequent use
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