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What do you always put on after a command in Greenfoot? a semi-colon ";"
How do you move an actor? move();
How do you turn the actor? turn();
How do you check for the world edge? if Greenfoot.isAtEdge or Greenfoot.AtWorldEdge
How do you eat an Object? RemoveObject(); or removeTouching(class);
How do you go to the left? setLocation(getX()-1, getY());
How do you do to the right? setLocation(getX()+1, getY());
How do you go up? setLocation(getX(), getY()-1);
How do you go down? setLocation(getX(), getY()+1);
How do you keep a Rotation? setRotation([int]);
How do you move using arrow keys? Greenfoot.isKeyDown("[string]")
How do you stop a program Greenfoot.stop();
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